Next Level API Streaming Software

API software for streaming using cloud based dashboard to control all your tasks across multiple servers simultaneously.

Pricing starts at: $1000 /monthly

Spots: 6/10

Working since: 2020


About us

What is SpottyHub?

SpottyHub is a online streaming software which does not use any browser or desktop, but only API. By using API it is able to spoof any real device, while allowing you to easily manage your resources, servers and tasks from a single dashboard.

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Simple Management

Do not worry ever again managing multiple servers, do it all from a single place.

API Streaming and Device Spoof

Combining API streaming with device spoofing allows you to diversify the platforms in use.

Detailed Statistics

Watch your results in real-time through the dashboard, including listeners, cities and the streams count.



  • One-time connect your servers.
  • Load accounts in accounts manager
  • Load proxies into proxies categories
  • Load links into links categories
  • Load devices into devices categories
Tasks Scheduler
  • Repeat tasks daily.
  • Schedule tasks.
  • Execute tasks in the moment.
  • Assign a task to a server.
  • Assign a number of accounts and proxies.
  • Assign links labels to it.
  • Assign your config.
Plays Mode
  • Positions
  • Artist Name Search
  • Song Name Search
  • All Positions
  • Modes: Albums, Playlists, Radio.

How we work


Buy Access

First you need to get in touch to be aproved to buy the access and get access to a dashboard account.


We will assist you during the initial setup and send you additionaly a detailed video tutorial.

Start your work

Once you are acquinted with the dashboard and it's use you can start doing your work.

Get results

If you follow all the details and use the tool properly you will be able to see the results instantly.


Got questions?

Do i need to control the servers manually on each server?

No, once you run our software in each of your servers, it will start in the background even if your server restarts to be always synced on the dashboard. You should perform all your actions via dashboard.

is API counting and secure?

Yes, API method is counting fully and it has proven to be secure for the past year.

API can run more threads?

Yes, API compared to an web, desktop or mobile bot is way faster which means you can run more threads.

Do accounts die/reset fast as in other BOTS?

No, we use a special token system which allows accounts to last longer without a need to acquiring new ones or having to reset them constantly.

Why is this tool expensive?

Since this tool is private, and built at industrial level it's price is expensive to guarantee it's continuous development, but also ensure it's use will be done only by people who are highly invested and serious in this industry.

Does pricing vary?

Yes, since there are users who will require more consumption and achieve higher number pricing can vary and increase on such cases, however, for the average user the pricing is the same.